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Travel plans gone sideways because your passport


It's the last thing anyone wants - whether it's your dream getaway or an urgent business trip.

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How does it work?

In a nutshell - we will nag you until you renew your passport.

Step 1

Enter your passport’s expiration date

We don’t need sensitive data - expiration date and a description. That’s it!

Step 2

Reminders galore!

We will text, email, and even call you until you stop procrastinating.

Step 3

Your turn to shine!

Hopefully we nagged you enough that you went and renewed your passport.

One less thing to think about

Get extra chill time leaving your passport renewal (reminders) to us.




Expired What

Lifetime access - no monthly or yearly fees. Pay once and Fuhgeddaboudit.

  • One passport

  • Multiple reminders

  • Email, SMS, and one final call

  • Send to multiple contacts

  • No app necessary

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Roll the dice!

Take the unnecessary risk to remember on your own... it might cost you a pretty penny.

  • Airline change/cancel fees: $300
  • Lost hotel reservation: $450+
  • Canceled activity/tour fees: $150+
  • Vacation Days: $245+
  • Expedited Passport Fee: $60
  • Stress, headache, frustration: Priceless!

Any questions?

Let’s clear up those doubts.

Expired What is the nagging-remembering app you didn't know you needed to keep track of expiration dates (passports, visas, documents, etc). We all know that sinking feeling of discovering an expired passport right before a big family vacation or crucial business trip. With Expired What, you can toss those surprise moments out the window.

You're right, you can definitely use any calendar or task app for a similar task. However, consider the possibilities - what if you switch devices before your passport renewal date arrives? What if the cloud lets you down and your reminders aren't synchronized years later? What if you end up just snoozing a reminder and never actually take action?

Too many what-ifs! Think of Expired What as an insurance policy to ensure that you never have to worry and rely on any other means for something so important. You'll thank us later, trust us.

While we're really nailing the passport thing right now, this app is not a one-trick pony. Feel free to use it to remember other crucial dates like birthdays, anniversaries, global entry, visa expirations, and the like. You could say Expired What is quite the enthusiastic go-getter.

Absolutely not. We just need two things: a date and a short, sweet description of what you're tracking (like "Rosa's UK passport"). That's it!

We believe in simplicity. It's just a one-time lifetime fee of $25 per passport. Early adopters, if you're reading this it's you, get it for $10! Got a big family or just a bunch of passports under your care? Shoot us an email at support@expiredwhat.com with the amount of dates you need to remember and we'll give a discount code.

You bet. Anything we get our digital hands on is encrypted for safe transit to our servers.

We know this is important, so we don’t skimp on the reminders. Expect an email a year before the expiration date, and we keep the e-nudges coming every month after that.

At the 6 month and 3 month mileposts, we'll also drop you a text message. And just to make sure you don't forget, we give you a ring two months out. We will really do everything in our power to remind you.

While it's not necessarily a gotcha, we want to be clear: our primary function is that of a reminder service. We will remind you with relentless determination, but the actual renewal of your passport or any other items you've recorded with us is entirely up to you.

Passport renewals in the US (and numerous other countries) can take several weeks or even months. Certain documents, like Global Entry memberships, are known to occasionally take up to a year to renew. Do you really want to wait until the last minute? Would you enjoy that hassle? Probably not.

That's great! That's the ultimate goal, so we are more than happy to have helped you. You can now enter your new shiny passport into Expired What - rinse and repeat.

Expired What is the brainchild of us here at IQTHINK. We're a digital agency, specializing in designing and building cutting-edge web and mobile apps. We've been doing this since 2007 as a private company, with no plans to slow down. And rest assured, your data is safely kept under wraps with us, never shared with anyone else.

We're here anytime you need us at support@expiredwhat.com. Give a shout if you need anything. Oh, and don't forget to whitelist our email. We don’t want to end up in your spam folder, do we?

Being forgetful is a team sport,
and you’re not the only player.

    This app has been a lifesaver. I always forget to check my passport's expiration, but thanks to this app, I've never been in a tight spot. Highly recommended!

    Maria G.

    As a frequent traveler, keeping my passport up-to-date is crucial. This app has saved me from last-minute stress by reminding me when my passport is expiring. A must-have tool for any traveler!

    Carlos M.

    I never thought an app could make life this easy. I used to worry about passport expiry, but this app simplifies everything. Timely notifications help me renew without any hassle. Amazing!

    Ana R.

    What a find! This app has proven to be a valuable investment. It not only alerts me about my passport's expiration but also provides key renewal information. Truly grateful!

    Luis F.